Out of Providence, Rhode Island, four-piece alternative pop punk band Silence The Radio have released their brand new EP “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares,” is out now! With the development of “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares,” the band realized that their biggest strength was their ability to write songs with a catchy, flowing chorus, while still retaining the dark, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style they had originally honed. Aside the title track, The EP includes the theatrical “Sad Love Story,” a tribute to the mid 2000’s alternative scene. Although a modern pop punk band, Silence The Radio incorporates beautiful string sections and theatrics throughout the duration of the record, while also writing booming choruses that everyone will sing along to. About the writing process, the band states:

“We started the writing process for “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare” with intent to really hone our ability to write anthem pop rock songs. Up until that point, we had focused our writing efforts on a heavier, rougher style. But with the development of “Friendly Neighborhood”, we realized our greatest strength as songwriters was the ability to write songs with a catchy, flowing chorus, while still retaining the dark, tongue-in-cheek lyrical style we had adapted. The bouncy tempo, memorable theme and unstoppable chorus are just some of the elements that make this song one of our strongest, and one that’s sure to stick in the heads of everyone who hears it.”

Coming together in early 2015, Silence the Radio was formed as a counteract to the metal and easycore scene of Providence, RI. Wanting to revive and revamp the timeless sounds of mid 2000s pop punk and alternative music, Jack Petit, Brandon Teh and Josh Nardine began the writing process for their debut EP “If It Helps You See”. Not long after, the group teamed up with Chris Piquette of No Boundaries Studios to complete the recording process of their hard hitting first album. With the release of their first EP, Silence the Radio found a connection with the New England local scene by offering their unique, yet familiar sound as a callback to days of power chords and unforgettable anthem choruses. Playing regularly in the Providence and Massachusetts area, they began to build a dedicated fan base, headlining shows in their hometown of Providence to packed venues, and providing direct support for national acts such as MAKEOUT (formerly Trophy Wives), Carousel Kings, Knockout Kid and countless others. Following the release of their theatrical single, “Knock Me Out” in the fall of 2016, and the addition of guitarist Thom O’ Rourke, they’ll begin playing shows around the east coast leading up to its release this fall. “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmares” out now! Go have a listen via streaming on Spotify here -

Check out two of their videos below:

Silence The Radio: “Friendly Neighborhood Nightmare” Video -

Silence The Radio: “Knock Me Out” Lyrical Video -

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