Prayers - Baptism Of Thieves

"Baptism Of Thieves", is the latest album to come from duo act Prayers. The album said to be about gritty lyrics that expose the harsh realities of gang and street life, coupled with love and loss over throbbing beats and swirling synthesizers, Prayers is one duo act to bring an authentic urban feel to the goth music genre. Just a mixture of said genres that crosses the cultural and societal boundaries and breaks known stereotypes. So in other words, it is goth music mixed with hip hop rap appeal, with a flash back to the 80's to 90's era. That is merely what "Baptism Of Thieves" is all about really. You get handed an array of tracks, two of which have made their debut including "Black Leather" featuring a guest spot from Kat Von D and the other track "Edge Of The Blade", both tracks doing their share of material, being fair yet energy fusion. The pair of tracks doing the album in other terms rather well. The beats coming from these song selections and the rest of the material off this album, is just tops, the energy coming off the music is just entertaining to a point. If you are not into the synth crossed goth hip hop format, then Prayers may or may not be for you. "Baptism Of The Thieves", is an album of sorts that just sucks you in, delivering to you, a duo that comes in the form of Leafar Seyer on vocals and synth with Dave Parley on the beats and also synth, creating an act called Prayers, with an album that takes on the era of the past, that sounds decent enough, but could have been so much better, than taking the hip hop added approach. Sticking to only the goth formula would have likely made it work wonders if not a lot better. This album has got its points noted here and there, but that is about all it has got to offer to you the listener.

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