Mortid - ID

When the word "FREE" is put into effect, you take notice and go with it, because that's precisely how gothic industrial metal act Mortid wanted it with their debut album "ID". Releasing it as you guessed it for free, in terms of free streaming and download capabilities. So then, what were the ending results in terms of said "free" music, well it just so happens to be, a not so bad release.

As soon as the album opens up to the array of 9-tracks off it, you are put into a place of hard putting. You know how the band sounds instantly, ready to compare to another goth, metal, industrial act of choice, but it is hard to choose, because there are so many available. After listening in to such numbers as "Deviant", "Deep In Silence", "Pain Within", and "Under the Moon", the ideal of HIM, Danzig, The 69 Eyes, as well as even the likes of Davey Suicide to a certain amount of content that is to say at least.

In other words, the styling's to that of Mortid is quite the mix bag as it were. The sound and style choices are quite the variety really, yes you get the mixture of goth, industrial, and metal but again, those set-up the genres, but the band similarities to the one's mentioned prior, is what you end up with when listening in to Mortid as a wholesome piece. "ID", being a release on its own accordance to that of grace crossed with delightfulness. Vocalization with the instrumentals share their parts in these tracks and as for the whole album, but still captures an essence at hand, that brings out the melodies, harmonics, and atmosphere that only Mortid can create themselves.

All in all though, "ID", was an album that was decent, catching, and upbeat with such undertones it made it worthwhile a hardy listen, that will surely be played again and again, if not at least a couple of times, for the most part.

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