TSHIONG tells the story of a man from the countryside, A-tek (Tsai Chang-hsien), who decides to go to Taipei to seek help from CHTHONIC when his village faces a malicious development project.  Along the way, he becomes CHTHONIC’s driver. Being a naïve fan of CHTHONIC, he believed the band members were akin to superheroes and would fight the injustice befalling his village, but gradually he discovers that they are not as courageous as he thought.

Randy Blythe of LAMB OF GOD plays himself in the film. In the story, he comes to Taiwan for musical collaboration with CHTHONIC, but becomes good friends with A-tek. They take part in street protests side-by-side, and clash with the police several times. “It's a comedy. Although it might not be easy for foreigners to understand the Taiwanese humour in the film,” says CHTHONIC vocalist, Freddy Lim. “I'm sure it's still lots of fun watching bunch of metalheads crashing against cops and fooling around...”

CHTHONIC and LAMB OF GOD became good friends at Ozzfest 2007. In 2011, CHTHONIC invited Randy to appear as a special guest in its Final Battle at Sing Ling Temple concert. In 2014, Randy came to Taiwan again to film TSHIONG. “It was wonderful to have our friend in this film with us.  Randy did a great job in his role,” says CHTHONIC vocalist, Freddy Lim.

A DVD for the movie with English subtitles is in the works. The movie’s soundtrack (in which Randy sings the theme song), is available for pre-orders online at

The movie’s theme song Souls of the Revolution

TSHIONG Official trailer

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