Asking Alexandria - Self-Titled

Why bands do the on again/off again ordeal it will continue to bewilder me, but apparently it works in some way or another. In the case of U.K. blokes Asking Alexandria, they have suffered this ordeal but just once thus far into their extensive past decade career as musicians. That said, the departure of vocalist's Danny Worsnop back in 2015, the band would continue to go on with their careers as musicians as the formation that is Asking Alexandria. But as opposed to using one of their own members, they would seek out another individual altogether, taking on Denis Stoff the former guitarist/vocalist of the band Make Me Famous and Down & Dirty.

The band would go on to release a few singles, including an album the fifth for Asking Alexandria titled 'The Black". As it would see fit for the time being, Denis Stoff would play the role as frontman vocalist, doing well, as the band would play showcases, tour, continue their usual route as they saw fit. But as time would pass onward so would the band as differences with original vocalist Danny Worsnop would be settled, and have Denis step down as vocalist, bringing back Danny as vocalist. So what would this mean for the band and everything past, present, and future going forward. Well more music of course, as their sixth album to date, taking the title as simply self-titled would be fitting, having the band reformed yet again with Danny in place, release a single "Into the Fire", off the self-titled album. The follow-up single being titled "Where Did It Go?", how would the two singles hold up to the band's new material, and Danny's return and revival as the Asking Alexandria frontman.

Well.... the tracks are quite interesting to say the least. "Into the Fire", is more rock based, think back to their previous releases, "From Death to Destiny" (2013) or some of "Reckless & Relentless" (2011). If you were hoping for the earlier working's that can be found upon "Stand Up and Scream" (2009) or even "The Irony of Your Perfection" (2007", those times have come and gone, and are in the past for a reason. That Asking Alexandria is no more, as the band has grown up, matured, moving forward from their past musical output, aiming towards a more rounded style of sound, like noted prior a more rock based material. Whilst Danny's vocalization is still proud and present, his screaming tactics are nowhere to be found, clean cut vocals are provided throughout the self-titled album. This not being really a downside but it sort of is, his screaming may remain in brief circumstances but that is it for the screaming appeal that was cherished and so pure of the earlier works.

That is what these single's and a lot of the material off this album does. If you were hoping or expecting from a blast from the past material angst, that is not the case not here. If you wanted anything close then look to the previous album "The Black" (2016). It is likely the closet you will get if even possible. Otherwise, the tracks to come off this album is decent enough, for instance "Rise Up", "Vultures", "Eve", "I Am One", and "Empire", are the ones to stand out for this album. "Vultures", being the ballad type of track offered, while the others are more rock steady, keeping an intense beat, with even heavier intensity that keeps it all in check. In other words, the vocals and instrumentals just bring it, hard and heavy, keeping the vocals clean cut but still pleasant and nice sounding.

When it comes down to this self-titled sixth album by Asking Alexandria, it may be a complete step beyond what we were used to hearing way back when, but as the saying goes "out with the old, and in with the new". This is the new for these guys, and it may be a refresher for some, and a displeasure for many, but it shows an improvement from how along these guys have come, from then and now. Where they will end up next with their material, is likely the same ordeal, heavy, hitting, yet clean cut, that is still raw and powerful however you see it fit your needs, is how it will be met.

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