Zifir - Kingdom Of Nothingness

"One, two, three strikes you're out!" has been the expression used for quite some time in the sporting concept, but upon the music aspect especially of the metal kind, like of Zifir's third full-length album "Kingdom Of Nothingness", this album has got to be not an "out" but an "in" of quite the promises.
With that being said though, "Kingdom Of Nothingness", has quite the title if at that, because when first glancing upon it, it had me re-reading it as just plain "Nothingness", instead of saying it's proper title of being "Kingdom Of Nothingness".

The title being very goofy which is why it is so very enlightening to say the least. In terms of the quality of the actual music, it is as mentioned prior metal, but takes the genre of black metal. The genre of question, that has vocalization with instrumentals that makes the music heavy yet fierce. The drums, guitars, and bass lines being all in check, as the vocal chords are intense, yet very growly at times, it makes the music that more wholesome in intensity.

"Common Insanity", "A State Of Chaos", "Echoes From Nowhere", "A Crowded Nothingness", and "The Relief In Disbelief", are the very few of the tracks, that make this release stand out for Zifir. They take in that intensity, heaviness with raw power that makes everything work in their favor, showcasing raw yet brutal talent.

In all really Zifir's "Kingdom Of Nothingness", is not nothingness it is something, it has promise and is very entertaining in all forms, from first listen at the start, to the very finishing's of the end of it. This is the metal you will enjoy, because it explodes your mind with such talent of amusement, it is flawless.

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