Luana Maso - Down The Rabbit Hole

What is it about the tale of "Alice In Wonderland" that causes such wonder and mystery.... Perhaps it is due to the tale being about the unbelievable, using your imagination, all of the craft and creativity that takes hold of your mind, soul, and body too. With that said of course, there have been some artists and bands even, that have set their feet into the depths of the wonderland that is Alice's, including Avril Lavigne with her track "Alice", taken from the Disney re-telling of the film of the same name "Alice In Wonderland" released back in 2010.

While Avril's take on her own variation of the track named after the character and film was quite pleasant in its own ways, another performer who would have but did not do any would have been Amy Lee of Evanescence. But Amy Lee did contribute her timing to another Disney classic "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with her rendition of "Sally's Song".

When it comes down to all of this Disney talk, that is fairy tales and the what not's it brings us back to Alice with "Alice In Wonderland", because of Luana Maso's debut and latest album titled "Down The Rabbit Hole", the album's artwork being rather crafty with it's depiction of a white rabbit, coat and pocket watch in all, on the cover's design. So you see it all did a roundabout revolving around "Alice In Wonderland", after all.

As such though, Luana Maso's debut efforts, are quite the one's to behold, for her talents and creativeness bring her music to a full circular motion of entertainment. Her melodies, harmonies, and vocal chords really channeling the music driven outward of this album, showcasing such tracks as "Let The Rain", "Legends", "In Black n' White", "Whole Again", and the title track "Down The Rabbit Hole". All of which, really strike a chord with the music, allowing for Luana's artistic talents to see through, her voice being very in-depth with the music in the backdrop. Really though, when listening to these array of tracks, you get taken into the realm of wonderland, well not literally but you can feel the wonder of it, through the essence of the melodies and harmonies of the music. Vocalization just playing a part within it all, Luana's voice just being so vivid and captivating it takes it all in, in one good sweep of the tunes at hand.

In all though Luana's take of the fairy tale that's "Alice In Wonderland", is quite interesting, her style of music being a lot like "Alice", performed by Avil, having those same types of moments, that make you smile, as you tap your feet to the beat, eagerly awaiting for the next piece to play out. It is music to the liking of those who enjoy calming, yet pacing music that is in short, easy listening of the experimental kind.

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