Resilient - How to Peach

When you first hear the material that comes off of "How to Peach", by the Resilient you would think it would be from an all female band. But that would be thinking only slightly right, as it does feature a few females a trio in fact, as the other member of this foursome, being of the male kind. But in any case though, all that matters here is the music that comes from "How to Peach".

The music here being fierce and raw. What you would expect from a grunge pop punk release by an act such as Resilient. One that has been around for a while now, but all their offers shown through this format right here, that is their music. The selection of tracks off this album being as any catchy, upbeat, and fierce yet raw. Pretty much material you can easily bob your head to, if not stomp your feet to the source of the material at hand. it gives you this non-stop feeling with outgoing vibes that keeps it all in check and tune with itself.

In other words, it is an album that has got things going for it. Like "Medication", "Comin yer Way", "Slack", "Ceiling", and "Crickets", hand off this raw fierce power of energy, keeping the music alive and well. It is how the music works, it plays off this approachable sound source that just keeps it coming at you. The music being so appealing to the ears, it is unstoppable. No other way around it but that really.

Resilient has got an album here that works for them, rather well and nicely put. "How to Peach", gets the job done, and the music stays great. If raw and upbeat is what you seek, then look no further than what is here, right now. A release of good efforts worthy of a listen.

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