Randy Steele - Songs From The Suck

"Songs From The Suck", is the title choice for singer/songwriter Randy Steele as he has decided to expand upon his roots on this particular debut release. Hence forth, the album at hand, being a debut efforts for Randy Steele as it were, incorporates the likeness of country, Americana, drums and slide guitars, all within the deep in-depth songwriting styling's that Randy Steele is so known for after all this time within his music creativity as a whole.

That is precisely, what you get with this album of his, While this release is his debut efforts to his namesake, it ends up becoming quite the release to the ear, as it beckons to the listeners of the country side of living, while everyone else within the good old Americana feeling can join right in. For instance such tracks as "Angels with Halos", "Hard Givin'", "One Man Stringer", and "Hideaway", are more of the settle source material, being not so heavy driven yet not so soft hitting either. They are just "right" in terms of material goes. The instrumentals and vocalization being present right then and there. Demonstrating the points of how the music sounds, being very fluid yet delightful.  Truly though, the material within these track selections, is what sets up "Songs From The Suck", an upbeat album with a catching approach of solid material, that will keep you tapping your feet long into overtime.

If that does not occur then perhaps giving it a few more licensing's will do the trick right. It is how Randy Steele works with his music creations such as this, he has got that edginess with appeal of his music building, with such catching tones of the melodies and harmonies, it brings it all in. Making it work well for him, that it plays off itself, to being a well worked out release, with well rounded material to back it up.

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