The self-proclaimed “punk empress of African Rock” Cole Williams has premiered a brand new single titled “Free” over on Huffington Post. The new single follows the release of “A Change Is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke) from earlier in the year, and showcases Williams at the top of her game. Huff Post has called the song “a gift…[a] singular touching performance” and credited her for her “powerhouse vocals and empowering lyrical stance.”

Williams had this to say about the track: “That song is a collaboration between myself and French producer/musician Pierre VEUILLOT while I was working in Paris. It was an incredible experience to create music with someone I could barely have a conversation with. This song is about me and my right to express my voice as a woman, Jamaican-American, musician, educator and human. At times, the music world can feel more oppressive than the “real” world, and you feel like you are fighting to be heard. This song is my statement, my personal mantra and my gift to everyone that wants to be free.”

Check out the track right over HERE.

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