Wastewalker Releases New Song and Video for "Fleshwounds"

Wastewalker made up of ex-members of such bands as Conducting From The Grave and Alterbeast, has released their debut song and video titled "Fleshwounds". An official statement from guitarist/lyricist John Abernathy says;

"With this music video, we wanted to give a close up intimate feel of being at one of our local shows - whether you're up front headbanging, in the pit, or just raging with us at the bar.  Lyrically the song is a big fuck you to any outside negativity that comes from doing music - especially extreme music  - such as online trolls, critics, judgement from family, etc.  At the end of the day "tis just a fleshwound!"  We are still going to be making music, playing shows, traveling the world and meeting/partying with fans.  The album's been out 1 year exactly and we show no signs of slowing down, thanks for all the support!"

Check out the new song turned video right HERE.

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