The Nearly Dead's Touring Discussions via Rormix

Rormix is a centralised platform for users to discover curated music videos from independent and unsigned artists. Rormix brings high quality emerging music video content on demand to the eyes and ears of the public. Rormix provides a platform, helping emerging artists market their music videos effectively while allowing the audience to find suitable music video content with ease. With Rormix you can watch music videos, search for music that suits your unique taste, and discover new emerging artists for free. Access a vast catalog of new undiscovered artists from around the world. Thus Rormix went ahead with my help to conducted an interview with grunge punk rockers The Nearly Deads to discuss their time on the road, from playing showcases to touring here, there, to everywhere in between, find out how they live out their lifestyles on the road! Frontman vocalist and keyboardist Theresa Jeane does the talking about this rockstar lifestyle.

Check out the interview HERE -

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