Escape The Fate - Ungrateful

Escape The Fate's road is a never ending one, with the departure of former bassist Max Green, getting new recruits former Motionless In White bassist TJ Bell taking control, and members coming out of the darkness, Michael Money on guitar, will these guys ever find a suitable line-up or style sound, well as a matter of fact they indeed have and it's all presented on what would be their fourth album entitled "Ungrateful".

Perhaps the title references to the band's ungrateful band activity with its flip flops of band mates to having frontman vocalist Craig Mabbitt flying solo part time with his other project, The Dead Rabbitts the title suits them well enough. As such this album's leading triple threat of singles "Ungrateful", "You're Insane", and "Until We Die", showcased the band's abilities immediately, bringing to mind Mabbitt's The Dead Rabbitts project having his reaction and force from that aspect and infuse it into this one, having the two combine to create an improved approach to Escape The Fate.

Looking back at how the band sounds now as opposed to the days of "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion" to "This War Is Ours" to even their self-titled release, the band's sound and style happening now, is a true improvement over those works, now you get brutal vocals, heavier guitar work, louder drum beats, it just all fits and is truly there, this is the style and sound source these guys have taken and it's the one they plan to embrace from here on out.

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