Dawn Of Ashes - Anathema

Industrial metal has seen the likeliness of various bands over the years but when you combine something such as shock rock and industrial metal together you get a band that isn't one to be messed with whatsoever....

Their style is something they like to call "Industrial metal made for murder" and with that they present to you "Anathema" a twelve track release with chugging guitars, pulse pounding drums, eerie yet creepy vocals from screeches to deep growls, that Dawn Of Ashes pulls it all off and pulls it off well at that. The style is heavily mixed up to be more between the lines of industrial shock rock metal meets noise metal at times, having tracks like  "Insidious (Of the Judas Breed)", "Systematic Guillotine",  and "Morphine Addiction", present those methods mentioned beforehand as well as adding on its catchy riffs, numerous beats, and vocal attics that really get to you.

"Anathema" is a heavy album with such creativity and uniqueness it would surely be the perfect soundtrack to any horror movie flick, if not some kinky aspect of some sexual desire of your choosing, Dawn Of Ashes would do the trick!

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