Le Roi Releases Video for "Minä kävelen, Minä juoksen"

Le Roi plays electronic rock with big sound. The new song "Minä kävelen, Minä juoksen" ("I walk, I run") takes a step towards even more heavy rock.

""Minä kävelen, Minä juoksen" is almost pure stream of consciousness, even dada. The song was born on a Christmas day, when I was damn bored. The original whistle which ended up on song has been whistled to the microphone of my laptop, when I had no better studio available at Christmas time. Sometimes it is good not to think what you are doing so carefully", says Eero Salonlahti, the songwriter and the singer-guitarist of the band.

The music video of the song is like an animated painting. The animated characters applaud the band while the figurehead of the band is pouring suspicious rainbow drink into his mouth. The performers of the circus have a minor role as the band steals the show.

"Like the song, the video is also quite dadaistic. The intentional chaos gives every viewer and listener a chance to produce their own meanings and analogies. For many people the life today is a complete chaos. Fiction helps", says Salonlahti.

The drawings and paintings of the video are done by Outi Salonlahti. The video has subtitles in Finnish and English.

Check out the video on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/JYcg7vOkcEM.

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