KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Release Video For Japanese Version Of "Let Me Love You"

KOBRA AND THE LOTUS' has released a brand new single from the upcoming album "Prevail II", titled "Let Me Love You!". In celebration of the video's premiere, this track is not an ordinary track but a very special Japanese bonus version of the song "Let Me Love You!".

KOBRA explains the story behind the song: "We're so excited to release another brand spankin' new taste of our hard rock infused metal! This track was one of the very first musical collaborations done at Hansen studios in Denmark. This song helped us nail down the heavy rock elements that would soon begin to lace its way through the sound of both  "Prevail I and II". The original demo version can be found as a bonus acoustic on "Prevail II". If you never had a love song dedicated to you.....you've got one now. This one's for you!"

"Dear (insert your name here), I cherish all the shadows of your past, even the darkest ones. Every time you try to run away it will only bring me closer. There are pieces you don't like, hiding all the grace of being human I might find. "Let Me Love You."

What can I say?! This track has been hard to keep a secret for two years!! We hope you will also enjoy this very special video we've worked hard to create. With a fusion of Manga and live performance, we've really jumped in with both feet to bring to you 'Let Me Love You' in Japanese!!! Tanoshinde kudasai !!"

Watch "Let Me Love You" HERE, courtesy of Loudwire.

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