Joshua Ketchmark - Her Voice In My Head

Joshua Ketchmark has made a damn good soundtrack to his life, and you should care. Why? Because it very well could be the soundtrack to yours. That said upon his Facebook page on social media, makes the precise sense of why his album "The Misses", is doing so well for him and others as well. Hence forth, one of the tracks to come off this album is one titled "Her Voice In My Head". This not just being a track turned single but having video made up for it too.

This video being like many others, containing the lyrical context of said song displayed upon the video, but this one is just merely another lyrical video. This is a mash-up of being a bit of a lyrical video with a performance video added in for good measurements. Thus, it is a combination that works rather nicely for the video portion of this track at least. For the most part of it, as a whole though, the song is very much a lot like many other artists and or bands doing this same ordeal. Except with how Joshua Ketchmark does it, he makes his music more vivid, fluid, and flow.

It's like the track is this pattern of being upbeat yet constant. As if the track has this never ending sense to it, making it more enjoyable in a way. As for Joshua Ketchmark's vocal side, his ways with vocalization is done really nicely, keeping the music in check. Whereas the music, is again just very movable. If catching, upbeat, is in it for you, then by all accounts this guys material is the thing. Otherwise, you just are left with working's that sounds right yet entertaining as well.

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