Drifter Discloses the Differences About How They Do Music

Metalcore mixers and twisters Drifter, all got together to disclose the matters at hand, about their debut EP "The Howling". As well as what their plans area ahead, with releasing another single or even video, and shows if not touring as well.

1. Can you help us get to know the band a little better, how did you meet and get started in music, what is your story to be told?

Mark: We all just kind of met through working in the same job and through mutual friends. Monto basically organized the band and got us all together. Joe and Fil were my high school friends, so I recruited them.

2. Where did the idea for the band's name Drifter, come into play, why go with such a title?

Monto: I came up with the name years ago and I just thought the name perfectly encompassed our aggressive style.

3. What about the music, that you decided upon playing, how would you describe it?

Mark: I’d say it’s a pretty weird mix. It’s along the lines of metalcore, for sure, but with our own twist. We like to experiment with transitions greatly since we’re very riff based instead of relying only on chugs, growls, or synths.

4. Which sort of topics do your songs cover and why?

Monto: The album mainly encompasses changing as a person over time brought on through struggles such as betrayal of friends and family, revenge, redemption, lose of friends due to drug addiction, and many other darker themes.

5. Who do you look up to when creating your music and why?

Monto: We all get inspired from pretty different sources but to name a few I’d say Bring me the Horizon, Architects, Underoath, and other bands in that general genre.

6. "Black Mamba" was the first single and video choice off the EP "The Howling" but why was that so?

Jon: We just felt the song was a perfect kick in the face to anyone listening. It tells people that we’re Drifter and were here to stay.

7. Will there be any more tracks to come from the EP "The Howling" or just this one?

Fil: The whole EP is available on iTunes, Spotify, and other music sources! However we are toying with the idea to record a music video for one of the other tracks on the EP.

8.Why did you go with releasing an EP  for your debut efforts, as opposed to a debut full-length album?

Monto: To be honest we did things this way for two main reasons. One: we’re still testing the waters of exactly what we want to sound like since we’re still a pretty fresh band. Our sound is ever-changing, with our tastes being constantly influenced by new music. The other reason is simply because a full album requires a lot of investment and we want to generate a bit more hype before doing so.

9. Whilst this EP is fairly recent and new to you, do you have any more music in the works?

Jon: We write new music all the time and we’re already in the process of new material. Its obviously still in the early stages but we’re just going to keep writing a bunch and see what sticks.

10. What else do you have planned for this year that you would like to disclose?

Joe: Be on the look out for a new music video, play through videos, maybe a song or two done acoustically. We’re going to be playing shows all over, and just keep your ears out for new tunes!

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