Deep C Divers - Smile For Better Days

Out of all the artists and bands who have combined various genres together, into creating their own "original" sound is far from many, if not too many. But in most cases it works out, in this case of Deep C Divers, their combo is as they say, "straight from the heart". That said, "Smile For Better Days", taken from their latest album "Making Waves", is rather how do you say, interesting at least for the most part of it.

The way that Deep C Divers puts together their genre choices is rather various, because when first listening to the given track that is "Smile For Better Days", you would immediately think that, "alright this band is clearly, one that is likely pop, rock, or alternative". When in reality of it all, they combine those genres, but have more to it as well. Not only is there pop, rock, and alternative but funk and reggae as well. But those last choices are not very present within this track. So if may be a downer for some but for others, who take it easy, it is a track that is simply catching.

It is how Deep C Divers works their craft with their music really. By combining such genres together, you add this spunk to it. Creating more of a fun yet outgoing pace of rhythm. The energy of the track just flows on through, making it pacing yet highly entertaining. After a few listens through, the song starts to grow on you, as you find yourself, swaying to the way of the beat, it makes the song more so than it is.

In other words, Deep C Diver's style is just downright a lotta fun. "Smile For Better Days", just being the one of many, off of their "Making Waves", album, that makes their material so everlasting, it never ends.

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