BornBroken's Mike says This Is Our Life, Our Music, and If You Don't Like It, Don't Listen!

BornBroken's aggressive music for the masses, does precisely that, upon their newest album out this summer titled "The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies". They have already released the title track as an official single with video, with far more in the works as well. Guitarist Mike Decker, goes into talks about the single, video, album, and wholesome truths and harshness that comes from being in a band such as this one.

1. What are your names and what do you do in the band?

Pepe Poliquin - Vocals.

Mike Decker - Lead Guitar / Vocals.

Simon Savard - Guitar / Backing Vocals.

Red Voizard - Bass.

Samuel Santiago - Drums.

2. If you could describe your band in 3 words, what would they be?

Mike: Nothing but metal.

3. You guys are a newer band so many people might know about your history. Would you be able to delve into it a little?

Mike: We have actually been a band as of 10 years come this September. Mike and Pepe have been in bands since the 90's while Simon and Samuel since the early 2000's. Red being the youngest and newest member of the band has only been on the scene, the past couple of years but plays and acts like an old metalhead!

The band formed with Simon, Mike and Tommy (bassist 2008-2016) 2008-2016 forming the band, writing and releasing the first CD "The Healing Powers of Hate" in 2013. After numerous shows and 2 other singles, multiple lineup changes, we finally got into the studio in early 2016 to record the latest release, "The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies".

4. Where does the name BornBroken come from?

Mike: The name BornBroken comes from us sitting around brainstorming ideas of our identity and coming up with the fact that BornBroken is a name we all can relate to, as we all struggle to accept the world around us. Even more today as it seems we are set out on a path to fail before we have a chance to learn who we are. So it was fitting for a bunch of metalheads playing aggressive music.

5. Who are some of your influences?

Mike: As we all have been in the music scene for a long time, we start to influence ourselves. Our musical listening styles vary from the old to the newest genres in metal and music in general and we seem to always grab onto the groove in the song, whether that groove be a 260BPM gravity blast beat, or a 100 BPM breakdown.

6. What are your songs about and why?

Mike: We have enlisted below each of the song's descriptions, and the why part is because we feel strongly about these ideas and this is our way to express our thoughts about them.

1: Empty Souls - "Repent you sinner or get what you deserve". The opening track is meant to set the pace for the new direction of BornBroken; aggressive, fast and to the point.  Lyrically the song is about the religious sector and the way they prey on weak minded making them feel they owe something to the church. It's a form of submissive mind control.

2: The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies…- "This is a world of lies". The title track to this release. We live in a time where reality is now a station on the internet and controlled by a select few in the 1%.  It's sad to say that we live in time where people are afraid to stand up and speak for themselves and most do not really care. If we soon do not open up our eyes and see what is really happening around us, the world will turn around and bite back and we will not be prepared for it.

3: Torn - "Innocence is dying and suffering is the cure".  With a more nu-metal groove feel we wanted to bring back some of the sounds we liked from our youth. This song is about the politicians trying to think for us, and doing it all wrong. I don't get how elective officials get away with the stuff they do, especially now with all the media coverage! AHH wait they control the media. We have to find a way to take control back and make it fair again for the poor and middle class. I'm tired of being torn and caught in the crossfire.

4: The Only One - "Am I the only one who feels the burn". With a couple of the members having gone thorough recovery programs we thought it only fitting to write a song about the way we felt while going through it. We felt alone and misunderstood. It funny how people look at you as though you can just stop an addiction like turning off a light. Its a daily struggle everyday, not only physically but mentally also, which sometimes is the harder part to overcome. Musically we went with one of the songs we wrote with breakdowns and erratic sounds to represent the feeling of withdrawal.

5: Whitewashed - "2 words that we live by ; Truth and Respect". This song is straight from the streets hardcore groove. Lyrically this songs stands for making it known that we will not bite our tongues anymore, its time to for us to stand up and speak the truth. This though does not mean we have to do it a violent way, there are ways to get your point across without starting a riot.

6: No Stranger to Failure - "I am hope, I am failure". This is one of the heaviest tracks on the CD with it fast double bass and old school thrash riffs. We all fail and from that failure we learn acceptance and gain wisdom which in turn brings hope for the next stage of our lives. I cannot count the times I  have failed and gotten back up to face the grind once again. I welcome failure with open arms as without it, I cannot fully appreciate the final goal, being happy with who I am.

7: Fight (Featuring Jason Rockman) - "No suit and tie guy will push us around".  Straight up no bullshit Stomp-a-thon! There is nothing wrong with being yourself and no one has the right to think they are better then you. Stand by the words that you speak and be true to the person you are. It takes more then one type of person to make the world go round.

8: Live or Die - "Time to wake up and expose the corrupt". When I wrote this riff it reminded of riffs I used to write in the 90's, it has the thrash feel. The lyrics are basically stating, stop bitching about it and do something with your life. I hear more people constantly complaining how they have it bad… wow look where you live, I think we got it pretty fucking good. Except for the fact that our govt is corrupt lol.

9: Father Death - "The final curtain call is up". I had this really dark acoustic part that always made me feel sad and that there was no hope so I decided to write this song which leads you a on journey through one person's bout with suicide and final ending of their life. We have had many friends around us over the years turn to this way to leave the world, leaving family and friends a void where they should be. There is help for them and most of us do not see the signs before it is too late. This song is a dedication to those people.

10: Listen - "This is my life ". We choose this song to close the CD as it grabs you and doesn't let go till the last note. We end on a note that no one will take we have done away from us, we have accomplished what we set out to do.  In the end it doesn't matter what anybody says, THIS IS OUR LIFE, our music, and if you don't like it, well… don't listen.

7. You recently released the single and video for your lead single "The Years of Hard Truths And Little Lies", off of your album "The Years of Hard Truths And Little Lies"— what does the track mean to you?
Mike: 1. We are living a harsh truth right now with massive amounts of violence and worldly unrest, politically and socially. The Internet is making the world a lot smaller and harder to hide the truth.

2. The little lies are a way we cope with it. Reality is no longer a reality, but an escape; a way to forget from feeling hopeless. It's all a choreographed illusion so the people in power can further pursue their reign of corruption and spiral this world to a breaking point. we all see but do nothing about it. 

We write about it subjectively so the listener can put themselves into song and make it part of them, I (Mike Decker) always felt more intone with what I was listening to when I could say "Yeah you know what! I'm living that also." Our message is really "Be who you are and not who someone tells you to be, stand up for your rights and think for yourself."

8. What was it like filming it, can you discuss the video's concept for us?

Mike: The filming process with FTB Visuals of the video was like any other day in the studio; be prepared for a long day, and give everything you got into each performance take. This is what you the viewer will see so we better make sure we do it right, especially now that you can view videos over and over again and pick them apart to pieces.The concept of the video was to give you a glimpse into our live performance and also tie into the cover theme of the new CD. 

9. Will there be anymore tracks off of "The Years of Hard Truths And Little Lies"album to be made into singles and or videos?

Mike: We are in the middle of setting up the next steps, but yes there will be more out before the release on May 18th, 2018 and more thereafter.

10. Do you have a favorite song off of the album? If so, why?

Mike: This question is like asking which child of yours do you love more? Each song holds a special place with us and has been thoughtfully placed in an order that we feel will not only compliment itself but the release as a whole.

11. After this album's release, what can we definitely expect in 2018 from BornBroken? Another release? A array of shows or tour perhaps?

Mike: We are not leaving the scene, so yes there will be more out from the BornBroken Camp, and this time not with a 5 year wait, along with shows this summer and more. 

12. Finally, what would you like to tell our readers, your fans, and any aspiring musicians out there who may be reading this?

Mike: To your readers and our fans;

"Music is our mistress, our life, it what has kept us from slitting our wrists and jumping off of bridges. It has brought us back from the brink of death after leading us there. Playing music in this band has given days a purpose and nights a reason to stay up till the break of dawn, writing our thoughts out on a pad of paper and recording riff ideas on our phones/computers, or to some who can remember (the cassette boom box)."

To aspiring musicians; 

"Live life like you want, do not let it dictate and conform to its ideas. FOR FUCK’ sake… Be yourself and listen to what you like, play what you like, perform what you like. You first and foremost have to be proud with your music, your passion. No one can take this away from you. Everyone will have an opinion, never let that stop you."

We would like to say to end this interview; thank you for taking the time into becoming a little closer with us "The Broken".

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