Blue Stahli Releases New Song "Enemy" (Gydra Remix)

Electronic-rock artist/producer Blue Stahli has released a new remix from the upcoming full-length remix album companion to his sophomore release, "The Devil".

Moscow producer duo Gydra, tackle "Enemy" with a rock-based drum & bass remix, available now through the independent record label FiXT. Showcasing how "less is more," the track is somewhat simple, focusing on clean riffs, vocals and drum & bass grooves, while providing depth from the power of the lyrics and clarity in the production & arrangement.

"Back in school we listened to alternative rock, and to this day, we still listen to many of these artists. When we started working on this remix, we immediately knew which way to go, and how it should sound. This clearly should not be Gydra`s standard neurofunk. :)." - Gydra

Listen Now:


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