Propelled by her female empowerment narrative, poetic lyrics, psychedelic textures and enticing and expansive voice, Serbian/Swedish international recording artist, Alezzandra, reveals her new single,  "Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell" and introduces  her  rich spectrum of emotion and eroticism. The track was co written with guitarist/songwriter Denis Serifovic. One of  the songs from her upcoming EP, "The Black Rose" out May 25th 2018. It was co-produced by Alezzandra and Nathaniel Eras at Chrome Space in downtown LA,  amidst a hotbed of creatives. The track was mixed/mastered by Mehdi Hassine.

The theme of a black rose hails from fairy tales, as their improbable and "unnatural" color inspires a powerful feeling of mystical expectation. Black roses symbolize the unexpected return of a lost love one. And, though black is the color associated with death, it does not always mean mourning. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory.  Inspired by the idea of taking a journey into the unknown, The Black Rose is about a woman who faced doubt from her peers but pushed through nonetheless. As an adult, she learned to conquer the obstacles of self-doubt, self-judgement and fear of failing and bloomed into the artist she had dreamt of becoming. Alezzandra wrote “Bad Girl in Heaven, Good Girl in Hell” as a catharsis to free herself from fear of judgement. Alezzandra has exposed her deepest secrets and darkest fantasies through  provocative images, lyrics and sultry vibes.

Listen to the track HERE.

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