Lava Dolls - Behind You With Knives

"Behind You With Knives", is the second track taken from the EP "Little Secrets" by Lava Dolls. This track having quite the story behind it, as it went on to take first place in the International Songwriting Competition's Unsigned Category, there being 16,000 entries from 137 countries. This track coming in first, out of all those other entries alongside it. Now that is saying something if not a whole lot as it is by just being present. But for the most part, this track is not your average or even typical type of track by another rock band. No, Lava Dolls goes beyond the rock genre, sticking it to the genre, where it hits home, as this song takes on more of a "ballad" approach with its tone and style, it using a string quartet for instance, creating an even edger effect. It is still slow and seductive for all it is worth, making it more eerie and ever creative, that is just how Lava Dolls went with it for this number. Making it be vivid yet truly unique and rather original as well. It is a track that deals with emotions, from love to revenge, which one is better or worse or is it more in the center of it all. Whichever works "Behind You With Knives", is just a track by Lava Dolls, that makes you think, yet has you feel too.

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