MARG - Tropical Marijuana

While she is known for her numerous YouTube covers, of various popular songs by such artists as Halsey, Troye Sivan, and Melaine Martinez, Margarita or MARG for short, is slowly for surely taking the world by storm with her indie pop renditions.

It is likely due to her smooth yet dreamy vocal chords, that draw you into her detailed storytelling, at least to what's being said upon social media at least. MARG's latest release comes off her full-length album "The Voices", this track being accompanied by not just the track but a video as well. The track in question being titled "Tropical Marijuana", a track of which seems to go a lot quicker through each listen than one would think. When seeing the song accompanied by the video counterpart, the visuals make it go more quickly, as opposed to nothing being provided to see what is happening. Just the audio on its lonesome doing, makes the song become still tracing yet feels loose without the visualization behind it.

That said, MARG's vocal styling is done, as social media said it would, as it is very smooth yet dream like, her tone being very gripping upon hearing. In terms of the song's lyrical context, it tends to describe a relationship between the plant substance, but then sounds as if it is about a physical being, in terms of an actual person. It is really difficult to place when listening in at times, so that's the only downside of it.

As for the song as a wholesome truths though, it is a flat out, easy going type of track. The energy provided is very mellow, kick back even, making MARG's vocal skills become welcoming yet fun. A lot of the comments upon her music go as far as such saying "I'm obsessed! So proud!" to others saying "So good." right down to "A legend is born!" with that last remark, leaving that opinion wide and open, because it is very certain, that MARG may just be, precisely that. At least on route, as far as how she is going with a song such as "Tropical Marijuana", off her album "The Voices", this is it, her way out, from in.

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