Sertari - Bright Star

Why is it always the artist's who can multitask, being able to be the singer, songwriter, and artist, in terms of creating both music and a live performance presence. This be the case for Sertari, an artist with a range of musical influencers, from Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Gwen Stefani to even Coldplay. She takes her creativity that is consistently shown to develop her ambitions to make a blend of uniqueness. Thus, her new EP "Bright Star", is surely to be just that, a blend of emotive electro pop-rock with beautiful yet powerful vocal chords that drives the guitars, atmospheric synths and big beats at all costs. Her creative senses being put forth, as her delivery of vocalization is what makes this EP solid and content. Like take such tracks as the title track "Bright Star" and "Flying High" featuring J Ivy, these being the more grounded in terms of this EP. Everything is as clear as day, well focused, factored in, making it all sound crisp, clear, and truly centered. Her vocals being some that can be heard even in a Disney flick believe it or not. That is how pure of a tone, her voice works, with the melodies of the music provided; be cunning, crafty, and very upbeat. You can find yourself swaying to the beats they are that gripping. She may be of the multitalented but she can uphold a uniqueness that is her own.

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