Oh Geronimo - The Sled

Oh Geronimo's album titled "The Sled", had a lot of work put into it. Even having the band themselves stepping back, as that year of time would be put into the demand, patience, persistence, and resilience, that would be put to good use. This creating an album that would be the resolution of all that hard work. Through it all, an album of the indie, folk, and the post rock kind would be the finishing product. As it is well developed, produced, having material that just sounds very solid yet refreshing with each listen. Like take such tracks as "No More Stones", "Hope Is A Gateway Drug", and "Mountains", these pretty much set-up what this album brings out. The extensive writing, well crafted instrumentals with even finer vocal work, makes it all form together, to create a well balanced piece that builds upon itself. Their style is a lot like the other acts within the modernized folk, indie, rock, genres, just putting them against another one is hard to do. Guess that just makes these guys more creative, that they can stand on their own, making this release that is "The Sled", be very promising in material and as a band.

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