Versus Machine - Self-Titled

Post punk a genre to which other acts have taken to it likely, Joy Division or Interpol for instance. But for new comers Versus Machine, their style hits in-between these acts as well as The Cure mixed with Echo and the Bunnymen. Versus Machine's self-titled album, being very on part with everything working in their favor, the guitars, bass, drums, it all sharing in on the post punk elementals by adding in an additional experimental element. Such as the instruments being more in tune with one another, each one carrying throughout the tracks, as the vocals creep, submersing themselves within a sound that becomes iconic yet vivid and realistic. "Sweet Machine", taken from the album, was made as a single, it going on to be one of those songs you could not resist. Just as the other tracks like "Human Shape", "Versus Time", "Mend This", and "Exit Wounds", these are what set-up this album for what it is as a whole. That being, an album that is captivating, edgy, and aggression in tone. Creating this force field that brings out a blast of past feel, for what it is worth, knowing you have heard this style in particular before, makes it more grounded. Versus Machine has created an album with such entrancing material that the listen needs to be heard more than once.

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