Pastor Peter Unger - Graced Filled Man

Who knew that Pastor's had such a love for music as they do for God. Pastor Peter Unger who was a finalist in the U.S. Intentional Song Writing Competition, has written a little song he calls "Graced Filled Man". This song being just as you would think, about our love and savior God, detailing about Pastor Unger's personal life as well as God's life. Hearing the details of his life, on how he found God's grace, be able to pick him up, making him feel happy and rested within God's views of Unger's life.

God as a person, being, whoever you may think he is in reality is one individual that can help lots of people, just as he has with Pastor Unger here. He helped guide him to become a writer, so well crafted in his abilities that he was able to create this song, to spread his motives of emotions, of his everyday life. Expressing how God himself helped shape him with his own life, spreading the happiness and joy just as God does for any other person who knows he is in existence.

If believing in God or religion is not for you, then perhaps this song may as well not be either. For this song with its meaningful lyrics, has such power built around it. That Unger's vocal chords alone, are what set this song a part from all the other religious works out there. Sure there are religious musicians of all shapes, sizes, types, and kinds, discussing our lord if not our enemy the devil in some form, that it speaks to us in a way only we can relate and understand.

Like for instance take Christian metal rock group Underoath, known to many as a Christian band among others out there i.e. As I Lay Dying, Blessthefall, Ewoyn, if not other pastors, all detailing how God or the devil has changed their lives in one way or another. If not changed their lives personally.

For Unger's song "Graced Filled Man", it is about what we are discussing here. His tone of music being upbeat, catchy, really embracing the beat of the music. The style choice being a mixture of country, blue grass, gospel and Christian rock pop, is quite the combo of sorts. It is no wonder as to how well these genre choices work so well with the lyrics and music itself. It just creates this bouncing off effect that allows for the music, to sound entertaining, balancing, and fun.
Pastor Peter Unger is a man with a musical gene that has got a genre of sorts to craft together so creative music, that it sorts itself out to being well rounded material. It flows right off the lyrical context so well, that the music just becomes flawless. Like it never wants to end, a repeating tone of rhythm to its music, that keeps the song fresh with each listen.

Perhaps more creative works will come forth from Pastor Peter Unger, just as "Graced Filled Man" had done. It is a well rounded track with a man of voice to announce to all his word of God in his graceful mindset.

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