John Dartnell - Already Gone

John Dartnell, John, or The Beard as he's affectionately known is a singer and song writer originated from merry old London, England. His influences from the U.S. and the U.K. giving John his unique blend of style with his music creation. "Already Gone", from his album "Hello World" from Wine Stoned Records, is as far as you can get when it comes to the genre that is country music. Which is the genre of choice that John has gone with picking. It works well for him, as it fits his appearance rather well. Him showing off his beard, hence the namesake, as well as his style of hats embracing the cowboy look and feel, you get that country genre right away with that look alone.

But looks can be so typical to say the least. The music from John is as said country based, but he brings a uniqueness to the genre. His song "Already Gone", which has an accompanying video to it, is a rather nice song. The tone used throughout the track is upbeat so much so I had myself bobbing to the beats of the rhythms, while the lyrical context is fun and outspoken. Really detailing about the emotions of one going through a loss, expressing their love so much it hurts.

His music just makes you want to get up and dance pretty much. It is upbeat, catchy, really gets the feel of the music running with you. it is fresh, unique, a true blend of motives that it keeps the listener in tow entertained from beginning to end. If not that then the lyrics are as said very expressive, they hit a chord with you, relating you in some way some emotions within you, come pouring out that you find yourself going through a series of changes. One moment of the song you are happy, excited, then sad then once more happy and excited till the very end, it is like an emotional roller coaster.

John as a performer is one that shows excitement, energy, and lots of fun. Even for someone to be one at his age, he has still got such angst of emotion, it is contagious really. Seeing the video that goes with this track "Already Gone", to see his joy with performing in the footage and photographs alone, really made me smile with pure joy and happiness. He felt that way and so did I. The song was just a backdrop to the emotions. It gave off this essence of overflow of energy that kept the song in tune, with the music, it became fulfilling.

All in all John with his style choice of country music, may not be for all, but for me, it caught my attention quick and easy. He brought out a joy when listening to his music. "Already Gone", being a song that makes you want to hear it again, because it is already gone, due to it being over. Bringing out the emotions all over again. It is truly a cycle of emotions, that has that high angst of energy that is timeless and fun.

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