Will Sid Smith - Gave You A Name

From a very young age, we are always put on the spot on what we want to be when we grow up. That question sticking to us from the time of the toddler to the preschooler going all the way through high school if not into college. For Will Sid Smith his career began at the age of just 14 years old. Having him perform local gigs in and around where his live and its surrounding areas. His influences growing as he did, taking acts like Paramore, Coldplay, Simple Plan, and other artists like Adele and Colbie Callait. He would mix his influences into his song writing, causing it to be catchy, light felt with melodies with such powerful vocals and chord progressions. It is no wonder, how well he turned out.

"Gave You A Name", from the recent album "Hand Not A Heart" by Will Sid Smith and DJ/producer Simon Says, is a collaborative project, with the style of choice being electronica/pop, with driven vocals that are emotive and real. Will has described his sound as Enercholy (Melancholy with Energy), unsure on what that means, it means sadness but with energy. Which is how this song sounds believe it or not.

It starts off slow and steady then as the song moves along it picks up its pace. Sounding as if it is going faster and faster but in reality it remains sounding the same, never changing its beat source whatsoever. It actually makes the song more entertaining this way. That is as far as the music is concerned. In regards to the vocal chords, they are as Will describes powerful. Which is downright fine and dandy. There is no other way to describe these vocals really, they are powerful, making the music more effective and energetic.

His ways with music is one thing, but when he uses his pipes of vocals to express the music he's crafted. It works in his favor more so than it should. His tone of voice, just sounds so comforting, easy to the ear, that you enjoy hearing his voice just say about anything. That is how well his vocal chords work when he creates the music he is so passionate and prideful about.

"Gave You A Name", is a track with a production value of sounding decent enough. As DJ producer Simon Says, whose work on this track with the accompanying album it appears on, the track on its own just sounds decent in quality. It is not that the song is bad it is quite good, it sounds superb which is fine it is decent. That is as much of detail that can be given to this track as it is. There is nothing else to go off of it. It is a track that is decent, has its moments with upbeat catchiness, nothing more to it than that really.

As an artist Will Sid Smith is one to stand out, be outstanding even, because his ways with music is one thing, his skills with wording said lyrics into place is a whole another thing. Take the two together you get a combination of style, that sounds fresh and unique.


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