Six Feet Under - Undead

Six Feet Under have returned with an all new album since their series of cover albums has passed it is time for some all new material don't you think?

Frontman Chris Barnes is back with his new routine of bandmates and has kicked things up a couple of notches this time with the release of "Undead" having tracks like "18 Days", "Frozen At the Moment of Death", "Blood On My Hands", and "Vampire Apocalypse" these are what set up this album. A lot of darker material is used here than before and the instrumentals use a mixture having the bass do its part while the guitars and drums take more steady pace keeping Barnes vocal attics at a downward speed. Loads of creepy lead chords are used on various bridges within certain verses every now and then picking up some speed but not much making the music that more edgy but enjoyable at times.

Overall this is a release that have te potential that Six Feet Under is known to create but enhances their quality and sound as musicians making them expand ever so further than they have done.

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