It’s a Great Day of Metal when you talk to Joey Belladonna of Anthrax!

Anthrax was a thing of the 80s and the past could never look any better than in the present. Leading frontman Joey Belladonna got with Anthrax in 84-92 being featured on 4 studio albums and EP releases selling well over 8 million records worldwide. During the course of Anthrax's career the band saw the mishap of disbanding and then rejoining on and off and as of 2010 the band has rejoined the ranks with Belladonna and the band looks towards the future with the release of their tenth studio "Worship Music".

But Belladonna has not only fronted for Anthrax over the years but has done his own thing as a solo artist. Having a band simply called Belladonna. In the mid nineties Belladonna released its first self-titled album, which was received well by both critics and fans alike. The second album, Spells of Fear, was released in 1998 and it was heavily criticized for bad production and sloppy musicianship. The third album, or rather the demo recordings of the third album that was never recorded in a real studio, was self-released by Belladonna in 2003. It was a return to better songwriting and musicianship and it was well received by the fans.

The Big 4 and the band’s upcoming fall tour will be keeping the guys busy towards the end of the year and expect even bigger and greater accomplishments in the world of Anthrax, because Belladonna is quite pleased with the results and what could be better than that?

1. Anthrax has been around for 30 years, how does this make you feel?

Joey: Wow how does it make me feel? Well it’s always great to have a situation of the band doing the right thing. The line-up and musically we seem to do really well. We got a new record out and it’s been getting great reviews and I’m really happy about that.

2. What's it like being back with Anthrax?

Joey: Well it’s always a tad of many things to do with Anthrax. Doing events like day to day activities and it’s just nice to have to work together and write music it’s just nice to have a lineup that works well together. It’s just awesome playing together and as a musician you look for that depth and connection.

3. What has the reactions been towards the new album?

Joey: Well I think everything has been pretty positive. Everyone has been excited about us getting back together and the new songs. That’s what we look for the connection we have with one another.

4. What do you have to say about it?

Joey: I’m happy with what I’ve done. I came in a little later on this project but it’s never late for me or for me to accomplish anything that I think will be good. You just got to dig in and get into the songs and surprisingly enough everything turned out for the best. If you don’t get the best reports on it you just look for the responses of the ones who like it and then you’ll be super proud of what you’ve done.

5. Why did you call this album "The Most Emotional Album"?

Joey: I don’t know that didn’t come from me. I just think the variety of the songs and the sounds and drive behind it is one of those things that really make it good. I’m sitting well on it and made the best I could of it and I’d have to agree with them.

6. How would you describe the overall sound of the new album? How does it compare to the older material?

Joey: Well…. It’s quite thicker it has that vibe of being different than before. I think everybody’s writing is a bit different these days and a lot of new thoughts and ideas and things come across that way.

7. What was it like seeing and having Phil Anselmo of Pantera do his thing in New York?

Joey: Aw Phil it’s great to have him come out. We had a lot of laughs and compliments and ideas and I think it was special for him to come out. It was very exciting.

8. How was The Big 4 turn out in New York?

Joey: The Big 4 is The Big 4. That’s a great show from top to bottom you got a great lineup really great music it’s just fun to hang with everybody and it’s just the day to hang with everyone and Metallica put on a great day of music and it’s a really well run event.

9. Do you see The Big 4 Tour, to ever be a regular tour?

Joey: I don’t know. It’s hard to say because no one is telling us what’s going to happen yet. Wherever Metallica wants to do with it we’re open to a lot of things so as of right now we’re unsure of how they want it to go.

10. Will we be seeing a new music video anytime soon?

Joey: I haven’t heard anything. I know videos are something you want to do. I know it’s something you want to try and do but as far as us doing anything I haven’t heard of anything. I don’t even know what they’re showing nowadays it’s just hard to say really.

11. What was it like to play "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"? Will you be playing on any other TV shows?

Joey: Uh it’s possible for us to do something later on in the year. I think someone is looking into it for us to do. It’d be very cool to do though.

12. You guys will be touring starting October 14th. What can the fans expect from you guys?

Joey: Well you get some new music and get new energy from all the bands. It’s just a great day of metal and one of those packages of new styles of music. Having everybody get together just feels good.

13. How does Anthrax plan to celebrate the remainder of the year and the holiday season?

Joey: Well I mean we’re going to actually do what we can and enjoy the holidays like anyone else would. I think it’s a bit too soon to look that far ahead.

14. Thanks for doing the interview and do you have anything else you’d like to say?

Joey: I’m good thank you very much I appreciate that and thank you for your time and I hope to see you out on the road or something that’d be kinda cool.

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