Awaken The Empire - The Awakening

Awaken The Empire’s “The Awakening” is indeed the band’s debut EP and since its release the band has gone on to release not one but two music videos for the title track and “Know Your Place”. As such these two alone really put this band in perspective for the listener. These guys combine the raw energy of hard rock with a mixture of techno driven atmosphere that really captures their creativity within.

The guitars are flawless with driven focus and energy that is endless as the EP goes through each of the instruments does its part while the vocals are sung with such power and pride that you can’t but smile as you’re either singing along or pulsing your fist in the air to the beat.

Awaken The Empire is filled with pulsing energy that will continue to dominate their creativity right on into their full-length debut said to be released sometime in the distant future.

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