Northerner’s Death Valley High and Simoom Invade Los Angeles Terrain

Alternative Revolt Magazine Presents The Independent Showcase Featuring Death Valley High and Simoom! Beginning at the mid-end of October the two weeklong tour cycle hit across the East Coast and West Coast back to back with its handful of dates showcasing these guys at their very finest.

San Francisco, Californians Death Valley High is a doom pop punk act that really provides that energetic but powerful punch to society. Kick starting their set up around 9:45 p.m. these doom punks really kept it heavy duty throughout their set. Singing such songs as their infamously popular "Multiply" frontman Reyka Osburn strutting his musical abilities by not only vocalizing, but doing his work on the guitar and keyboard really kept the energy flowing. Overall set was flawless and raw!


Another San Franciscan is metal enthusiasts Simoom. These metal heads really know how to deliver when it comes to performance tactics singing such songs as "Vine", and "Cutting Seams", their stage presents is in tune with the tunes and quite steadily paced. Frontman Tino Monlinari has two vocal abilities a crisp clean side with a screaming aggressive side that really ignites his abilities as a musician. While the remainder of Simoom really pulls it together doing their thing showcasing a heavy duty craftsmanship that is stable and true.


This independent showcase was truly one that you did not want to miss.

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