TR/ST has released a new single turned video called "Destroyer". The video stars famed choreographer Ryan Heffington and is the first video Ryan has both starred in and choreographed. When talking about the video Heffington says,"TR/ST’S thrilling track DESTROYER induced a feeling of uplifting mourning that inspired movements implying a last ditch effort to save a relationship. Joy remembered, self reflection and turmoil manifested in gestures that lie upon Robbie’s ungulating rhythms and vox set upon the backdrop of a familiar location - home for most of us that created this piece - the streets of Silver Lake, LA."

The single is being exclusively previewed with the film that friends and collaborators of TR/ST, Heffington, and director Justin Tyler Close made in response to conversations with TR/ST about the song's meaning to him.

"Destroyer" - written and performed by TR/ST
Co-directed by Justin Tyler Close and Ryan Heffington
Choreographed and starring Ryan Heffington
Director of Photography - Norm Li
Styling - Mindy Le Brock
Producer - Alexis Walker
Special thanks Emily Roe and Marc Bendavid
TR/ST is the musical project of Toronto artist Robert Alfons.

Check out the new single turned video right HERE.

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