The Little Mermaid Musical Splashes into Cupcake Studios

It's odd, how when your browsing online for one thing, you come across another thing that totally was unexpected. But with the internet nowadays that is on average what typically tends to happen every now and again. In this case in particular it was a night in question of it happening to me, while online coming across an up-and-coming events website showcasing in and around the terrains of the Los Angeles and Orange County area's various events. One of which was of a musical stage show of Disney's variation of The Little Mermaid. Indeed so, this was a Broadway stage show done by Disney but only for a limited time, for it would not go on from that point in time, but have other reincarnations.

Yes the classic tale of merfolk, one mermaid named Ariel with hair of red, known by many, if not all, beloved as one of the many Princess's of the Disney Princess line. Thus forth, this stage production was down in of all places, North Hollywood, California, in a small theater spot known as the Cupcake Studios. A true hole in the wall, type of place, with a mere case of 10-12 rows of chairs, going along the aisle, as the stage was quite small, the outer theater holding a will call check in point, with concessions right next store. The lobby holding those in waiting, as others were checked in, buying refreshments, or using the facilities as it seemed fit.

This night was the one weekend prior to the one lastly, for this show was held on Saturday night's 8 o'clock showing, where the audience was loud and proud to be present. Everyone from all ages in the house, taking their seats, waiting for the lights to go dim as they did a little after 8PM, as the next hour was filled with classic Disney hits, "Part of Your World", "Poor Unfortunate Souls", and "Under the Sea". As well as other songs taken from the original Broadway recording. The cast and crew with live band provided as well, all doing a rather splendid job through and through. Especially the leading lady playing the lead role of Ariel, sounding very much like the original actress who portrayed her in the classic 90's flick.

During the brief 15 minute intermission, the audience was ushered out of the theater as the stage was changed from act one to act two's settings, everyone freshening up as it were, stretching their limbs, to using the facilities, once more, before re-entering the theater, taking in their seats again for the second act to behold of the next hour. This of course being precisely what happened next.

The second act of the theater performance being just as superb as the first act. Except minor changes were thrown into the mix, as the original ending in the film, showcased a boat fight scene, as the stage show version did not do this, but had a different ending altogether. This not being a disappointment, but more of a delightful change of pace, it brought on a new light to the classic tale.

Nevertheless, it was a stage show production with pure talent from beginning to end. All that was involved both live on stage to behind the scenes provided a well thought out show, with such great talent, that it brought this production value in question. So much so in fact, that this level  of performers, brought to that of the one's known for other shows that can be seen on the likes of

Broadway or even the Pantages Theater leveling of achievement and success.
The Little Mermaid's Musical rendition that was held at the Cupcake Theater out in North Hollywood, California, was surely one of the best, if not greatest additions to the musical theater atmosphere. Being one to not miss, but one to jump in on!

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