Rhett Repko - And I Told Her So

Rhett Repko has returned with "And I Told Her So", taken from the EP "Thnx For The Ride". This latest addition to the duo of reviews previously spoken of, i.e. EP review of "Thnx For The Ride", and "Were You Ever Really Mine?". This refreshing track that is "And I Told Her So", is more consistent with the tone of beat, keeping up with the melodies and harmonies and just overall beat source it has going for it.

That being said, those harmonic melodies just keep the beat persistent and constant, as said beforehand, just much more consistent with the tone of beat. It is more upbeat, casual, easy to the ear to hear. It has this never ending tone as well, that makes the track feel  as such. Most of all, it not only has this never ending tone to it, but a very catchy source going for it as well. It's that consistent beat, really that makes it just go, go, go.

You get so caught up with the tone alone, that is what drives the song into such an over powering source of upbeat and catchiness. In terms of how Rhett Repko sounds, just as his previous works, he sounds very much the same, having that pop rock essence of instrumental style, with an even layer of vocalization that keeps it all in tune with itself. His style never really changing but improving to say the least.

It is how his ways with creating music works best. Like how his EP "Thnx For The Ride", plays out. When listening in to that whole EP as a full cycle of material, with this track included by the way. You get a whole pictured ideal of what to expect, how it will sound and make you feel through and through. As said, pop rock is the genre at hand here, and what comes out of the EP, and this track is what you end up with hearing and experiencing.

"And I Told Her So", just being another one of those tracks that is just fun to hear. Same goes for the rest of the releases coming from Rhett Repko. Not much else to be said or had from this single or other prior releases. The works have got enough saying for them, they are upbeat, catching, consistent, what more could you want really. So much being said right there, sets it all up.

When listening in to the track more than once or even twice, you get the idea of how it plans to leave the mark upon you, as the listener. It being another track that will be overplayed but enjoyed each play through done. It never disappointing its genre source, but being overly fun and entertaining from the start to the finish. How all songs by numerous artists or bands should work out. They captive the mind, thinking out loud of what the track is about, how it's instrumental beats pulsate out, keeping you interested and very much in tune with all that is happening.

Simply how Rhett Repko's work of music is creating itself, crafting together more well rounded sources of material, that will continue to improve and ever develop, that they continue to grow more and more. Thus, by doing this, more will come from the pop rock styling's that only "Thnx For The Ride", could expose.


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