Rejectionist Front - All I Am

Rejectionist  Front is one band that is not just rare to some, but to many are making important music. This album that is "Evolve", takes on the focus of conflict, both within ourselves and society as well, struggling for the positive of change. As that may be though, it is this one track in particular off this album that does just that, it being called "All I Am".

"All I Am", is one heck of a kicker for as soon as the track begins, it feels as if it won't ever end. It keeps this non-stop cycle of motion, overflowing throughout it. Lots of bass, guitar, structure that keeps the drumming and vocal chords on their toes. It's that much of a thriller when listening into it. Loads of instrumentals and vocalization all at once, it hits you each time heard.

No matter how many times heard through for this piece, it became much more enjoyable every time over. The feeling of the rhythm of the music just gets to you. You begin to find yourself bobbing your head and tapping your feet.  It's how the rest of the "Evolve", album plays itself out really. Each of the tracks off it, sound just like if not a lot like "All I Am".

That is not a bad thing but more of a fun thing. It makes it a full circle of material that rounds about, to being just as entertaining the first time around, as it was the last time. In other words, Rejectionist Front is merely an act that wants to rock! They are all about change and wanting to make this place we call home a better place. Simply how their music plays out when listening in to it.

All about the change, and that is precisely what "All I Am", is about. The meaning of change, for that is what we need especially as of right now. The way the world is currently so much change is needed, there is not even an amount to be had, that's how much change there needs to take place. "All I Am", is one of many of the "Evolve", tracks that just speaks the truth and means of all things changing.
In fact, Rejectionist Front has been proud enough to play in support of such vital causes as Rock The Vote, Save Darfur, Wounded Warriors, the USO and Occupy Wall Street. So if being a part of all of those is not saying something about these guys, then what else is there to say. That is all you need to hear right there, and why change is such a big part and deal for these guys.

No other way or matter needs to be spoken here. Rejectionist Front takes on the path of change, it is what they do, and how they want their music to take on their role as musicians. "All I Am", is just one of many tracks to do such a thing, but it takes the matter to a much higher degree, causing more effect for good, than bad.

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