Motorgrater's Noah "Shark" Roberson Posts Apology

Motograter's former drummer Noah "Shark" Robertson has released an apology in connection to the long rant he released prior, it is as follows;

"My apologies. I'm sorry for the negativity. I should have never used this channel to spread my message about my former band. To be honest, it was in the heat of emotion... I have been having a lot of difficulty with this and felt a lot of anger and resentment. I have fans messaging me and sending emails and texting and calling me. Harassing and threatening me. Yesterday a fan messaged me and said that they drove 4 hours to see me and it was their birthday and that I completely ruined their day and they were very upset and angry and they demanded to know why that happened. They said the band told them I quit and abandoned them. My former band members are telling everyone I'm a thief and a liar and turning a lot of people against me. It really got to me. I felt backed into a corner and I shouldn't have sent out that email. I will keep it positive and professional and try not to let it bother me so much. Thanks for listening. Thank you for understanding."

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