Faustian Dripfeed - Faustian Escapades

Norway's very own Faustian Dripfeed have only released one other EP since forming sometime ago. This debut EP was titled "Between This And Death" released in 2016. Since the release the band has gone on to write and record for a follow-up release in the form of a single which would lead on to another EP "Faustian Escapades". This EP would be the newest content made available from Faustian Dripfeed and it would be quite impressive to say the least.

As the material is very brief in track availability it is still quite the arrangement in coverage of material. The instrumentals and vocals for instance, is very much like other death metal acts of the modern era. This not being a bad thing not at all but good, very good indeed. The intensity of the instruments being heavy, yet fierce. Whereas the vocals are just as heavy if not even heavier appearing when listening in.

Like for example, "Headless Body In Topless Bar", is probably out of the mix, more of the heavier tracks offered. It just brings forth this formula that just kicks. It has fierceness, intensity, everything you could want from a death metal track, or band for that matter. That is how Faustian Dripfeed's minds work, when creating their craft. They think heavy and the ending results is what is found upon this EP here.

Surely this EP is nothing like their previous EP. It is more of a step away from the early working's being more grounded and well rounded sources of work. Likely being more developed, that it makes the music more defined. Sounding well balanced yet still loads of fun, when hearing it through and through.

Faustian Dripfeed's EP that is "Faustian Escapades", will be one to take in all at once. Probably the only if not best way to do it, listen once, then be hooked forever. No other way to be said best than that, right there. Take it or leave it at that really.

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