Cold Snap Releases New Song "Straight To Hell"

Croatia’s top metal band Cold Snap are back! After a difficult lineup change, the band have teamed up with Hell Energy Drink to release a new song turned lyric video for the song "Straight to Hell". The video was directed by Dora Jovanovska, and the song is taken from their full-length album entitled "World War 3", which was produced by Tue Madsen (Suicide Silence, The Haunted, Dir En Grey) at Antfarm Studios, Denmark.

"Have you ever been in hell?" asks Jan Kerekes, lead singer of Cold Snap. "We've been there. After 13 years, our guitar players and drummer quit Cold Snap. Some of them stopped playing metal music, and some of them even stopped listening to metal music. They said that they don`t believe in Cold Snap anymore, so there was just two of us, Zoran and myself; in hell. Hell is cold, it's quiet, and the fear is everywhere. Half of our lives we worked hard, we sacrificed ourselves, and even neglected others. We know who we are, and we know what we believe in. As a result, we pushed ourselves and found a way out. We found new members, great guys, great people, and in a short time we played more than 30 shows together. We wrote 12 more songs for a new album that will come out in June 2018. Straight to Hell is a reminder-video that Cold Snap is alive, stronger and more powerful than ever. We'd like to give a big thanks to Hell Energy Drink for their support."

Check it out HERE.

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