Apophys Unleash New Song "What Will Be" and New Album "Devoratis" Coming Soon

"'What We Will Be' is a song unlike any other on our new album "Devoratis,"" claims vocalist Kevin Quilligan of Dutch death dealers Apophys. "The way the song grows as it progresses and the fact that it's not based on whirlwind blastbeats and riffs gives it something special. It is very welcome with the way we are growing as ourselves as well. It's the start of new creativity in Apophys and one of my personal favourites on the album."

Taken from their forthcoming sci-fi epic Devoratis, set for release January 22nd via Ultimate Massacre Productions, "What We Will Be", is undoubtedly a departure from most of the album, more ethereal, but yet just as majestic and as crushingly heavy in its own right.

Listen to "What Will Be" here: https://youtu.be/MtRpz1OIeUw.

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