Starsoup - Castles of Sand

Russians Starsoup is not a dish you can eat, but one you can hear. Indeed so, Starsoup's sophomore album titled "Castles of Sand", has taken a liking of the progressive rock side of music, showcasing it's form in their newest single release "Your World is Dead". With this single, showcasing that progressive rock side of the musical form, but other music appears off the single and this album as a wholesome truth.

The album taken more appeal than what was appeared on the band's debut album "Bazaar of Wonders" released back in 2013. This time this album takes on the appeal of combining progressive rock, folk, soft rock with thrash metal all thrown together to create a mixture that is very crafty yet entertaining. Like for instance the single "Your World is Dead", is the glimpse into what can be expected upon this album, its cheery delivery brings to mind, that of a fantasy realm. Its soothing music, with accompanying instruments, makes the music take off into a whole another world all its own. Whilst the vocal chords provided upon the release, make up for it, in terms of quality, being rather fun. True the vocalization used here, is rather done right, they sound crisp and clear as possible, keeping the music in check and in tune with everything else pulling it altogether to be well grounded.

That being just the single, the rest of the album that is "Castles of Sand", is just as entertaining if not more pleasing to the ears. For example "The Catcher in the Lie", keeps the music very embracive yet fierce. The way of how the metal genre is used within this track in particular is just flawless. Loads of guitar work, catching vocals, keeps your body swaying to the beat of the music portrayed. Whilst other tracks such as "Into the Woods", "Rumors of Better Love", "Winter in Shire", and "Castle", keep the music more on a low key level. Dropping it down a couple of notches, really tones it down, to being well played yet still listenable. Like how "Castle", works for instance, it starts off slow and edgy then the pacing changes to being more fast, approachable that it becomes purely exciting.

In short, it's how the music plays itself out. One minute it can be intense yet catching, while another minute, takes the music down another path that is more easy listening. You get a feel from that approach, of changing it up, never keeping it the same, which makes it more appealing yet fierce at the same time. Surely put though, "Castle of Sand", is an album by Starsoup that makes for a great addition to your array of music listening experiences, one to not disappoint but welcome with open arms of enjoyment.

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