Silvertomb Announce New Showcases!

Formed in the wake of Type O Negative and Seventh Void, SILVERTOMB is the latest musical endeavor of guitarist-vocalist Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative, Seventh Void, drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Danzig), bassist Hank Hell (Seventh Void, Inhuman) along with New York City hardcore veteran Joseph James, (Agnostic Front, Inhuman) on guitar, and Aaron Joos (Awaken The Shadow, Empyreon) on keyboards, guitar, and backing vocals.

Silvertomb combine the musical styles of bands such as Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath with a bone crushing, mind blowing sonic experience. Kenny Hickey describes the sound of Silvertomb as "heavy, dark and spiritual - like a dark gospel."

That being said, the band has announced two all new shows! One taking place November 24th and the other falling on December 8th of 2017! Find the details upon both of the show's posters above and below!


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