Sarah Morris - Falling Over

"Falling Over", is one out of 11-tracks to come off of Sarah Morris' third full-length album to date entitled "Hearts In Need Of Repair". An album that has gotten one fast approaching release date. In fact, Sarah Morris and company, would return to the River Rock Studios in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she would co-produce the album, alongside Eric Blomquist. Her long time band mates Thomas Nordlund, Andrew Foreman, and Zachary Schmidt, join in, as the foundation is laid out, blending in quite the assortment of tunes, that stay true to the creations of Sarah Morris' past, present, and future.

Hence forth "Falling Over", depicts precisely what will be expected upon this third album release. Which is some good old blending of folk, rock, and country influences, that have stuck around by Sarah Morris' side since the very start of it all. Really though singer-songwriter Sarah Morris has earned quite the reputation for engaging her performances, especially with a voice such as her own, that is both so clear, crisp, and luscious. In terms of music quality that goes for the track in question "Falling Over.

That track is as such, pretty average if not typical to the likes of other artists and bands out there currently. While Sarah's vocalization skills, set her free, to being herself, building upon her reputation as it were, her voice being quite promising, sounding strong and prideful. The music just does not capture the song's structure as a whole. It is as you would say, just too laid back of a tune, one you can experience and rather enjoy, but nothing more or less can come from it really.

The music is just plain and simple, nothing out of the way thrown in for the much of it. Only thing it has got, is Sarah Morris' vocal skills, her voice is what makes this track promising. Again the music just not doing it so much for it. It is as it could be best put, catching, but that is all it has to offer. Nothing else to come from it, the music being very present, stable, and solid. That is about it, for it as a wholesome truths.

"Falling Over", is as you would say or simply put, a track that has its moments in the spotlight, but could have been better off, sounding more approachable, in terms of being more direct, heavier, and appealing. This just comes down to being, a track to be had, at some slow danced setting, or a calming atmosphere type of environment. Surely how it plays itself off at the very least. Sarah's vocals are the only thing keep this track alive and well. The music doing its parts and share in it, but again another track off the album "Hearts In Need Of Repair", probably could have done a much better job, as far as a single release.

This being just one of those tracks, that is rather nice, but just does not get the job done the right way. It demonstrates how an artist such as Sarah Morris works, and has built herself up since the start of her music career, she has come such a long way. It shows within this track and its accompanying album at that, but so much more could have been shown, if another track as chosen off this album. At least that is my way to put it best.

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