O.D.D. - The Disorder

Trio acts in the terms of bands, keep popping up as of late. Another to the trio market making is one calling themselves O.D.D. with their follow-up to their self-titled EP, comes yet another EP titled "The Disorder". Taking with its release, are two tracks off the EP, that were made into singles/videos, which include such as "Executive Order", as well as "Loud Fighter". How these tracks play out, being released months apart from one another, are quite something.

The band actually received a bit of buzz with the release of their self-titled debut efforts, now that sometime has past for said release. An all new wave of music in this form can be seen and heard, which sounds more grounded, better suited, and more or less, hard rock meets heavy metal. The appeal and aspect that O.D.D. was aiming for in the first place.

Not saying that their debut EP did not consist of this momentum at hand, but more or less, the follow-up EP that is "The Disorder", captures a more expandable essence of the two genres they uphold dearly. As such, the two tracks already mentioned, are just what make this EP that more wholesome to the ears, eyes, and body if not soul as well. It is fueled infused energy with such angst, it brings the music to life, with its experimentation of melodies and harmonies pulsating outward.

In other words, the way the music works with the vocals is so well thought out, it makes the tracks in mention, that more driven and energized. The feeling of the instrumentals just gets you, keeping the instrumentals vivid and wild. The guitar riffs, blast beats of the drums, with captivating vocal chords, it brings it altogether. Making it become fierce yet loaded with lots and lots of energy.

Surely when listening to tracks alone, you get the idea of what to expect. "Label Killer", and "The View", the other tracks available off "The Disorder" EP release, are much more aggressive. They take what the singles had done, except over do it. Making it not bad per say, but more better than even good. They are that well thought out and well played. The intensity, fierceness, and aggression towards the vocals and instruments is just so fitting, it keeps your body in motion. Literally, bobbing your head to the beats, they are that gripping to the ears!

Nevertheless though, O.D.D.'s EP follow-up that is this release of "The Disorder", is downright, lots of fun, pure excitement, with so much more going for it, that it truly delivers. It by far, being an EP that stands above the previous release, by all means. The music is just that much more better suited for it, it shows a well rounded source material, that more or less, makes it all work so much better, and outward that it becomes intolerable.

If rock and metal is for you, then by all accounts the O.D.D. and their EP right here is indeed for you. Their likeness to other acts of the past, ranging from Kiss, Black Sabbath, and even Rush or Led Zeppelin as they have been taken influences from, is what you can hear upon their material, and this EP. It may be a bit more giving than those acts' work, but that's what makes O.D.D. more welcoming to the music scene as they are so fitting for it.


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