Hailing from Bagé, Brazil, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Luís Kalil is a 17-year-old guitarist, songwriter and solo artist. Luis delivers a timeless blast of powerful, yet innovative metal with his upcoming EP, out November 22.

Luís first appeared on the scene at the age of 13, when he caught the attention of the music industry and was quickly sponsored by ESP Guitars, EMG Pickups and Laney Amplification. He showcased his technical prowess and the ability to play and compose songs with talent and maturity beyond his years. At the age of 15 he released his first album, Insight, featuring eight original tracks, six instrumentals and two songs with Iuri Sanson (Hibria) and Edu Falaschi (Angra/Almah) lending their vocal talents.

In 2016, Kalil was deemed by Revolver Magazine as a ''16-year-old guitar sensation.'' He released his second album, Sunset Daredevil, and the music video for the track “If” (produced by the award-winning filmmaker Ulisses da Mota) premiered on RevolverTV. In 2017, now 17-year-old Luís moved to Los Angeles, to further make his mark on the international music scene.

At 14 years old Luis developed a technique called Reverse Tapping where he reversed the normal position of guitar tapping and the right hand is playing the lower note and the left hand plays the higher one. It opened up many new combinations of sounds along with slides, legatos, etc. When Luis was playing live he noticed that people were intrigued by this method, which made him work harder to continue to explore it. ”On this song, Boulevard, I wanted to take it to the next level, so I started writing riffs and rhythm stuff with the technique. I like challenges, and this was a big one for me but couldn't be happier with the result. – says Luis

On November 22 he will release a new 2-song EP featuring Dirk Verberuen (Soilwork) on drums, the vocal talents of Seann Nicols (Westfield Massacre/former Quiet Riot and Adler`s Appetite,) Brazilian prodigy Lucas Arruda on bass and produced by the Brazilian metal sensation, Adair Daufembach.
 “This EP marks my very first release after moving to Los Angeles, I’ve put what I have experienced here into music, it represents the newest moments of my life” explains Luis

The songs on the new EP are both aggressive and infectious, further showcasing Luis’ pure class and style, a perfect blend of metallic muscle and melody.

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