Now I See - The Bad Chapter

Getting your start is always a challenge to accept, but as the saying goes, challenge accepted and that's what the guys in Now I See did, when writing and recording for their debut full-length album "The Bad Chapter". The album consisting of 10-tracks, opener being their single turned video for "Decisions" which was alone, by itself quite impressive, so having this album open up with it, is saying something, that this album could be promising, to say the least.

In any case the rest of the album other tracks such as "Dead Point" which features a guest spot from Our Last Night's Trevor Wentworth, who does a good spot on appearance, making the song that more enjoyable, and catchy. Whereas the rest of the album's tracks like "A Day Away", "Inside Out", and "Reality Check", all capture the essence that these guys are trying to create here. It's that they love music, so much so, that they don't put a genre to themselves, they just call what they do music. But if you had to put a genre to their music, it would be hard rock blended with hardcore angst, like similarities to that of Asking Alexandria, I See Stars, Crown The Empire, and While She Sleeps, is some comparison for comfort.

Now I See's style and this album overall, is one of those releases, that comes out of nowhere, surly these guys may have some comparison efforts to align towards, but that's nothing, this album is chalk full of tracks, the one's above, and all and all, that make this album stand out. It's upbeat, catchy, heavy duty, raw realistic material, that can speak to the listener in question, really making them stand above all the other, up-and-comers out there, hands down.

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