GPL - Anatomy Of A Sailing Ship

GPL got started way back in 1999, after forming they went on to write and record what would be their first DIY efforts in terms of a demo release "Hope Inside, Ruins Everywhere". After that, they would go on to play many live showcases, writing more material that would become their debut "Self-Titled" EP released in 2010, that really brought out the styling of the band that would be melodic punk rock.

Keeping the years moving along, so did the band writing and recording for a follow-up EP release titled "Phoenix", having them continuing to play shows with various bands. After that the band returned to the studio sometime later on and in 2015 would see their debut full-length "Anatomy Of A Sailing Ship" hit the market, getting digital copies as well as physical copies released through their partnership with Ghost Factory Records. As the band puts it, this album "Is a sea journey, a journey to be made mandatory by defeating monsters and life changes, but from which we will emerge perhaps more intact than before."

That said, the album itself isn't half bad, filled with up to 8-tracks it's really a story on its own, literally the opening track is titled the "Prologue" then from track 2 through track 8, it is divided up into numerous chapters, chapter 1, 2, 3, etc. Even has an interlude embedded within all of that, really making this release that more interesting. The music itself is of course that melodic punk rock style, the fast riffs, guitar solos, drum tones that keep the music in that maintained fast pace beat, while the vocal chords float atop the music, as it spirals along, making the music a never ending flowing motion.

All in all "Anatomy Of A Sailing Ship" by the guys in GPL is one of those albums that you will probably be listening to, more than once, because the first time through, just isn't enough, their music is crafty and fun!

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