Krampus - Counter//Current

Folk metal, was never a favorite within the metal genre, that got to me, but when an act like Krampus came along, that changed just a bit. Their latest album "Counter//Current" took the folk metal genre, but turned it on its head, exploring the numerous genres within the metal genre, like these guys went ahead and took a dash of metalcore, post-hardcore, punk, and alternative to blend together with the folk elements of how they sounded previously, to create a style that is fresh and unique.

How is it so fresh and unique, well as mentioned, it takes the folk elements, tradition and modern, and creates a style that just sounds different, like take songs such as "Skapegoat", "Pitch Black", "Butterflies On Fire", and "Nevertheless", these song selections, are what make this album, what it is, and how it sounds so different. The instruments don't sound rushed, they sound fast, heavy, and adrenaline pulsing energized , which is all fine and dandy, but the music is just smooth pacing, but yet fast pacing as well, it just combines these melodies of such motion, it makes the music run, with the tones coming out of it.

Not sure, if that makes much sense, but the music is good plain and simple, it has everything from the genres enlisted above, that makes it more likable. The vocal chords are solid with the scream antics being loud and proud, while the clean vocals stand tall too. It just brings everything together, having the music sounding superb and grand.

Krampu's "Counter//Current", is one of those album's that you will enjoy listening too, not having you skip to the next track, or pulling it out of the player, it's that good of a mix, that you will like that much.

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